What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Based on ideas from your textbook, we will be playing a game over the course of the semester. In order to play, you will need to start a new tumblr account.

Click here to sign up for an account. Please use your GSU student email. Click here for your example tumblr, hosted by your instructor, Valerie Robin

All rules and guidelines below are subject to crowd-sourced change. Please check the rules often and leave comments about rules and guidelines you think need to be changed, added, or deleted. You MUST explain ‘why’ in the comment.

Basic Beginning Rules – 8 week long game

1. You MUST post by Wednesday each week that the game is running (8 weeks = 8 times). Each post will contain the thing you like + an explanation as to why you like it. I will explain in class how to do a ‘good’ post.

2. You MUST end with a positive number of conversion points in order to score above 75% – see conversion guidelines below

3. You MUST participate in the Ultimate Cool Showdown to score above 75%

4. Links Rule – All links must be posted to your tumblr account by Wednesday 2/20 or you lose a point every class meeting until it it posted.

5. Screen Shot Rule – If a player posts the same thing as you in a later week, it is likely because he or she is unaware that you already posted it. Go to your original post and screen shot the date and post. Then, email, or direct message the player who has duplicated you, and let them know. They may then take down their post and resubmit. They have 48 hours to do this.

6. Give-a-point Rule – Every player must GIVE a conversion point each week for better game flow.

7. 1/2 point Rule – The point of this game is to practice using rhetoric to persuade your audience to like what you like. Many players are not doing this well. If you are converted to liking a post, but their paragraph doesn’t convince you (doesn’t include our rhetorical devices), inform that player you are only granting them 1/2 point. All disputes may be brought to Valerie or to the class.


1. Using your tumblr account, you must post 1 time per week. It must be something media related that is making you happy. This could be a video, a tv show, a blog, an article, a meme… anything media related. Then you MUST must must explain WHY you like it using rhetorical terms we will learn in class.

2. Using your networking and community skills (some of you may need to learn some), you will attempt to convert others to liking what you like. This is how you get conversion points. Conversion points are how you win the game.

3. Using the Google Score Sheet (linked below), you will practice the honor system to keep track of your conversion points.

4. The last week of the game (week 8), there will be an Ultimate Cool Showdown challenge to determine the ultimate coolest thing found during the 8 weeks of the game. You may use something you already posted, or come up with something new you found. Winning will earn you more conversion points.

5. The person with the most conversion points will get a score of 100%.

Conversion Guidelines

A conversion means that you have converted someone to liking what you like. It is not a religious thing in any way, shape, or form. You must agree on the conversion. A person that already likes what you like cannot be converted. Here are the beginning guidelines. Remember, all guidelines can be changed if need be.

1. You and the converted classmate must agree that a conversion has been made. You must mark the google score sheet together. The converted must then share your post on their own tumblr with credit to you.

2. Someone who already likes what you like cannot be converted. This should encourage your creativity.

3. You cannot convert the same person more than 2 consecutive weeks in a row.

4. If you fail to post, you must subtract 2 conversion points from the google score sheet. A negative conversion score will leave you with less than 75%.

Google Score Sheets

NOON Course – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhzwUZ6mHy6ldFFCcHpFa3liUTJxZGtINWtTbXM5Zmc&usp=sharing

1:30PM Course – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhzwUZ6mHy6ldGlvZUNCSGdDZHhHZjBKeTEtX0Z6dGc&usp=sharing


6 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy This Week

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  2. On the What’s Making Me Happy This Week game, what qualifies as being converted, a like, reblog, or both? I’ve had classmates like and reblog and I’m not sure if both of them constitute a conversion.

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